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Introducing the NX Series

Six new nylon-string guitars designed with the modern player in mind.

Nylon-string guitars are a completely different animal than steel-string or electric guitars, right?

Well, that’s been the conventional wisdom … until now. But with the recent introduction of the Yamaha NX Series, you may have to reorient your thinking. That’s because these six innovative acoustic-electric nylon-string guitars have been developed with the needs of today’s performer in mind, with contemporary body styles and modern preamp and pickup systems.

Light wooden, nylon string guitar.
Yamaha NTX5.

If you’re an electric or steel-string player looking to explore the beauty of nylon-string sounds, you’ll want to check out the three NTX models — the NTX1, NTX3 and NTX5. They all have a slimmer neck profile, narrower nut width and thinner body than a typical classical guitar, thus providing a more familiar playing experience. In addition, their 22-fret necks (24 frets in the case of the top-of-the-line NTX5) extend their range beyond that of standard nylon-string instruments.

Light wooden, nylon string guitar.
Yamaha NCX5.

If you’re already used to playing classical guitar, the three NCX models — the NCX1, NCX3 and NCX5 — have a traditional neck profile and width, along with a standard nylon-string guitar body depth, but their advanced electronics ensure superior amplified sound.

All NTX and NCX guitars come in a variety of finishes and have solid tops of selected woods, including solid European spruce on the NTX5 and NCX5 models:

Two sets of 3 acoustic guitars.
The Yamaha NTX1 (left) and NCX1 (right) in various finishes.

The NTX3, NTX5, NCX3 and NCX5 models incorporate the Yamaha Atmosfeel™ preamp / pickup system, which provides consistently balanced and natural sound even at full performance volumes. It’s accessed via three small knobs on the side of the guitar (Mic Blend, Master Volume and Treble EQ), allowing you to quickly dial in the desired settings, but under the hood there are three distinct components:

– An integrated undersaddle piezo pickup with individual string sensors that capture only the mid and low frequencies, thus eliminating the characteristic brittleness of piezo pickups.

– A unique synthetic sheet transducer that captures the highs.

– An internal microphone that captures overall body resonance and “airiness”.

NTX1 and NCX1 models incorporate the same integrated piezo pickup, along with preamps featuring 3-band equalizers with adjustable mid frequencies. But whichever model you choose, Yamaha craftsmanship ensures that all NX Series guitars have exceptional playability and tone.

Want to know what top guitarists Tim Pierce, Tariqh Akoni, Andy Abad, Mike Adams, Trev Lukather and Destiny Petrel think of the new NX Series? Check out the video:

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