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Introducing the Alto Venova™

A new casual wind instrument with a larger body and a mellower tone.

In 2017, Yamaha introduced the Venova™ — an innovative “casual wind instrument” that blends the simplicity of a recorder with the sound of a saxophone.

Now there’s the YVS-120 Alto Venova. Like the original Venova, it offers an ABS resin body that is smaller, lighter and more durable than conventional wind instruments. However, the new model offers a larger body design for a lower sound range and a more mellow tone.

A woodwind instrument made of black and white polymer.

Yamaha YVS-120 Alto Venova.

Like its predecessor, the Alto Venova features a unique branched-pipe structure that produces a rich timbre with plenty of dynamic control. Its easy, recorder-style fingering makes it ideal for inexperienced musicians looking to experiment with a single reed instrument, while seasoned players will appreciate the addition of a real alto saxophone mouthpiece and reed which allows for better control of its sound and pitch.

A smaller and a larger woodwind instrument.

Original Venova (top); Alto Venova (bottom).

If you’ve ever wanted to experiment with playing a saxophone, or used to play and want to come back, the Alto Venova is a great way to test the waters without worrying about a heavy and fragile “real” sax. If you’re already a player, the Alto Venova can be a great travel companion to take along to the beach, on vacation, or wherever your music leads you.

Key features include:

– Lightweight and portable enough to be played anywhere

– Water washable, unlike conventional wind instruments

– Simple fingering similar to recorders

– Sounds like a saxophone

– Fully chromatic two octave range

– Upper and lower sections can be separated for easy cleaning

Closeup of how the segments connect.

The upper and lower sections of the Alto Venova.

– Comes with an alto sax mouthpiece, ligature, synthetic reed, mouthpiece cap and a durable carrying case with strap

Ready to learn more? Check out the tutorial videos.


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Click here to learn more about the Yamaha Alto Venova.


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