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Celebrate Your Musical Heritage with the PSR-A5000

Meeting the musical needs of an ethnically diverse population.

The United States is a country that has a uniquely diverse ethnic population, with many different cultures blending together to make the proverbial “melting pot” that so defines us. Wherever you travel in this vast nation, you can’t help but experience the cultural influences of each region: The food is amazing, the hospitality is warm, and the music is melodic, fun and energetic.

Enter the new Yamaha PSR-A5000, which gives you the ability to celebrate your heritage and the flexibility to perform music from all over the world.

A digital keyboard.

More than just an ordinary Arranger Workstation, this is an instrument that inspires. In addition to providing the sound of standard instruments such as piano, guitar, organ and drums, it offers over a thousand high-quality authentic Voices from countries such as Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon and many more, all recorded in professional studios. There’s also expanded drum kit functionality that allows you to play 128 mapped instruments optimized for World Music finger drumming on a keyboard — even exclusive key-off sample technology for percussion instruments such as the Riq and Darbooka.

In addition, the PSR-A5000 offers a wide variety of special features, including:

– A real-time scale tuner with 12 scale types and five instantly recallable memories

– Velocity-sensitive crossfade portamento, allowing smooth, expressive transitions between successive notes

– A new responsive key-bed action

– The ability to utilize multiple time signatures within a single Style

– Plenty of memory so you can load optional regional expansion packs from countries such as Iraq, Mexico and India

– A Chord Looper that lets you prerecord a chord sequence, freeing your left hand from playing chords during live performance

– A Style Section Reset function that allows you to instantly jump back to the downbeat — a real lifesaver in live performance when a vocalist or other instrumentalist wanders off-beat!

The PSR-A5000 includes built-in speakers, a dedicated mic/instrument input (great for karoake!), hundreds of high-quality onboard effects, a joystick controller and a large full-color screen display that makes navigation easy. Composers will find it inspiring, live performers will be able to make that wedding extra special, and families at home can gather around and experience the songs from their ancestral countries.

Side view of a digital keyboard.

It’s human nature to want to maintain ties with your heritage, and a big part of that is the culture of your people … especially the music. The PSR-A5000 is truly a world instrument that’s capable of bringing us all a little closer together.

On a personal note, be sure to check out the WahdaKabira Style (a dance rhythm from my native country of Jordan) in the Shami category, shown below. I created this, along with many other PSR-A5000 Styles.



Ready to learn more? Check out the video:

Click here for more information about the PSR-A5000.

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