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Spotlight on the Yamaha PSR-E360 Portable Keyboard

This feature-rich instrument provides a great way to learn to play.

Looking to buy the perfect keyboard for beginners? The ultra-portable Yamaha PSR-E360 — available in three different finishes — offers the perfect solution. Its interactive lessons, touch-sensitive keys and wide variety of Voices and accompaniment Styles make practice more fun, keeping young players engaged.

Let’s take a look at some of its main features.

Great Sound

An electronic piano keyboard.
PSR-E360DW (dark walnut finish).

The better an instrument sounds, the more it inspires. For over a hundred years, Yamaha has been manufacturing just about every kind of musical instrument, so when it comes to reproducing their sound in a keyboard, you can count on the results being detailed and high-quality.

The PSR-E360 provides 384 great-sounding Voices — not just pianos, electric pianos and organs, but other instruments like guitar, bass, strings, trumpets, flutes, percussion and choir, as well as fun sounds like telephone rings, bird tweets, dog barks, doors slamming, sirens, laughs, heartbeats and applause. There are also 16 drum kits, plus reverb and chorus, as well as an “ultra-wide” stereo setting that envelops the player with sound.

Auto Accompaniment

The built-in Auto Accompaniment feature transforms the PSR-E360 into a full “band in a box” by generating appropriate “Styles” (rhythm + bass + chord accompaniment) when the user plays chords with their left hand. There are 130 Styles in a wide range of musical genres — everything from pop and rock to swing and jazz to R&B, latin and world music — so your child can practice the type of music they love best.

Touch-Sensitive Keys

Closeup of someone's hand playing a chord on a keyboard.

The PSR-E360’s 61-key touch-sensitive keyboard provides full dynamic control, accurately reflecting every nuance of the playing to make performances musically expressive. When your child plays the keys heavily, they hear louder tones; when they play softly, quieter sounds are heard — just like a real piano.

Onboard Lessons Make Learning Fun

Closeup of an electronic piano keyboard.
PSR-E360MA (maple finish).

The PSR-E360 provides numerous interactive lessons to help your child build their keyboard skills as they play along with the 112 preset songs. There are simple “listen and learn” lessons, as well as more advanced ones designed to improve timing and master chords. A special Duo mode splits the keyboard in two so parent and child (or teacher and student) can play and learn together.

The tempo of each song can easily be adjusted over a wide range, so a student can slow things down while learning, then speed it up again as they gain more confidence. Songs can be transposed at the touch of a button too, making it easy to learn in any key, and to accompany singers in the range in which they feel most comfortable. Your child can even record an original song of their own directly into the PSR-E360.

Play Along With The Band

Electronic keyboard on a table with an iPhone attached to the keyboard via a cable.

A standard 1/8-inch Aux input jack on the rear panel allows a smartphone or portable music player to be connected so your young keyboardist can hear their favorite music through the PSR-E360’s speakers — allowing them to play along and feel like they’ve joined the band!

Built-In Speakers … And A Headphone Output Too

Electronic keyboard.
PSR-E360B model (black finish).

The PSR-E360 comes with built-in high-quality stereo speakers, as well as a standard headphone jack that enables silent practice. Simply plug in a set of headphones or earbuds and your budding keyboard star can hone their skills without disturbing others in the household.

Take It Anywhere

The PSR-E360 is both lightweight and portable, weighing in at less than nine pounds and measuring just 37 inches wide — small enough to fit on any student’s desk … plus they can easily take it to school or wherever they want to put on a show. It comes with an AC adapter, and can also run on batteries.


Want to learn more? Check out the video:

Click here for more information about the Yamaha PSR-E360 Portable Keyboard.

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