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MONTAGE Resources

Ready to dive deep into your MONTAGE? Here’s how.

In 2016, Yamaha ushered in a new era of sonic exploration with the introduction of MONTAGE.

Building on the legacy of the industry-changing DX and the hugely popular Motif, MONTAGE synthesizers combine sophisticated dynamic control, flexible sound creation and a streamlined workflow in a powerful keyboard designed to inspire creativity.

Whether you’re new to MONTAGE or a veteran user, we’ve got resources galore for you.


Love learning online? You definitely want to check out the Mastering MONTAGE video series. Here you’ll find over four hours of video content, all completely free of charge. These range from “MONTAGE 101” – six videos that cover basic user interface controls and navigation – to advanced topics such as interfacing MONTAGE to Cubase via both MIDI and audio.

FM-Related MONTAGE Articles

The MONTAGE’s FM-X engine is a powerful tone generator that offers a huge and diverse palette of sounds, and the touch screen user interface – coupled with physical controls – provides extensive editing capabilities. You can explore all this in detail in our four-part series of articles entitled “Mastering MONTAGE: An FM-X Exploration,” authored by Phil “Bad Mister” Clendeninn.

In Part 1, Phil introduces some of the features that make FM-X so powerful, explains the basic difference between a carrier and a modulator operator, and talks about how the influence of a modulator on a carrier adds brightness and harmonics to the sound.

Part 2 highlights the real time control possibilities of FM within MONTAGE. In this article, Phil assigns FM parameters to each of the MONTAGE’s eight assignable knobs and describes in detail what each parameter is controlling.

Part 3 provides an even deeper exploration of the carrier/modulator relationship – the fundamental building blocks of FM synthesis. Here Phil explores different operator waveform spectra and demonstrates how the MONTAGE’s Super Knob can be used to dramatically alter the timbre of the sound as you play.

Finally, Part 4 puts all the pieces together with a detailed description of how to create a multi-part “Moving Floor” Performance.


For more information about MONTAGE and our other synthesizers, visit the website.

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