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Soundmondo and the MODX

Discover, organize and share a world of new synth sounds.

Have you checked out Soundmondo yet? This way cool social website allows you to discover new synth sounds, as well as organize and share your own sounds. Originally designed for the Yamaha reface line of mobile mini keyboards, support has since been added for MONTAGEMODX and MODX+ synthesizers.

You can access Soundmondo via any desktop computer running a current version of Google Chrome, or, with our free downloadable app, from any iPhone®, iPad®or iPod touch® running iOS 9 or later.

The number of free Performances available for MODX grows every day. They’re searchable by tag …

Screenshot of application.

… or, if you know the name of a Performance (or its author), you can use an onscreen Search box. You can also “Browse by Instrument” to show only MONTAGE/MODX/MODX+ Performances. Once you find a Performance you’d like to try, simply click on the SYNC button to transfer it to your synth; from there, it can easily be saved to memory.

If you’d like to share a sound you created, Soundmondo allows you to include a short audio example or video (in the form of a SoundCloud, YouTube or Vine URL) to accompany your Performance:

Screenshot of application.

Organizing your MONTAGE, MODX or MODX+ Performances is a snap with Soundmondo. You can view a list of all the sounds you have uploaded, or the sounds (uploaded by other users) you have selected as a favorite. You can even rate Performances and organize your sounds into set lists.

Soundmondo also provides a User Leaderboard that shows the most prolific users and the top downloaded Performances:

Screenshot of application.

So what are you waiting for? Check out Soundmondo today and start climbing up the ranks of the Leaderboard!


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