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Take Note: Dorico is a Must-Have for Music Classrooms

Dorico is an easy-to-learn music notation software that music educators can use to teach music theory and composition.

Dorico music notation software is right at home in the music classroom. Dorico supports teaching music theory and composition through its algorithms.

The software ensures that music is always expressed according to the established practice, with rhythmic groupings and enharmonic spellings automatically calculated.

Dorico is easy to learn and simple to use, with a user interface that invites student-led exploration. Dorico is the only music notation software that combines beautiful notation with a powerful sequencer-style piano roll view, encouraging students to learn notation while providing a familiar way in.

6 Key Things About Dorico

  1. The software offers a simple, streamlined user interface that fits comfortably on a single display, with fast keyboard access to every feature. There’s no need for external keypads, MIDI devices, etc. It’s ideal for student laptops.
  2. Dorico’s rich understanding of music theory ensures that the music is always rendered clearly and unambiguously, no matter how complex the rhythmic or harmonic situation.
  3. Music educators can create assignments and learning materials quickly and easily with powerful and flexible page layout features.
  4. The software’s superior support for modern techniques of composition — including open meter, complex tuplets, microtonality and more — allow music educators and musicians to directly communicate their musical ideas and reduce the number of workarounds necessary in other scoring software.
  5. Dorico’s high-performance audio engine and world-class virtual instruments help you refine your musical ideas before the music hits the stand.
  6. A simple conversion kit allows you to trade up from Sibelius or Finale through a multi-seat cross-grade.

A 30-day free trial version for educators is available here.

To learn more visit or email with your request for more information.

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