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AV Technology Spotlight

Pure Direct Means Pure Fidelity

Get the best possible sound from all your inputs.

Your music sounds awesome: deep, intense, immersive. It’s hard to imagine it sounding any better. Until, that is, you discover Pure Direct: Pure. Powerful. Better.

The Ultimate in Sound Purity


Pure Direct mode is a feature offered by many Yamaha receivers. When engaged, it feeds sound directly to the amplifier and bypasses any DSP processing that might otherwise color the signal, ensuring the best possible high-fidelity sound from all audio sources – even USB and HDMI inputs. The end result is a more realistic sound and a deepening of the listening experience, making it more enjoyable than ever.

Does Pure Direct really matter all that much? If you love music and movies, absolutely!


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Kim Haman
Kim is a former Yamaha content marketing specialist who writes about how people experience music and TV audio. This includes everything from the benefits of MusicCast to the pros and cons of AV receivers versus sound bars. Kim loves to help people love music more in their everyday lives - sharing the benefits of quality audio components and solving common issues related to their listening needs. She’s also likely to tell you about her passion for 1980s alternative rock!

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