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Yamaha Network Hi-Fi Receivers at a Glance

Offering the best of both worlds.

Traditionalists love two-channel Hi-Fi. Forward-thinkers love networking and music streaming. With Yamaha Network Hi-Fi receivers, you get both.

Here’s a guide to the current lineup, along with a description of their salient features.

Streaming Plus

There are four Yamaha Network Hi-Fi receivers to choose from: the R-N600A, R-N800A, R-N1000A and R-N2000A. All four models offer superb stereo sound, Bluetooth® wireless connectivity and support for Apple® AirPlay 2® so you can share music with multiple connected devices and exercise voice control of those devices via Siri.

All are MusicCast-enabled too. MusicCast is the Yamaha proprietary whole-house solution that uses your existing Wi-Fi network to share music to other MusicCast-enabled audio components under the control of your smart device. This groundbreaking technology allows you to listen to downloads from your computer or other devices and to stream music from the most popular music services such as Amazon Music HD and Spotify®, letting you fully enjoy exceptionally high-quality audio anywhere in your home with complete fidelity.

All four models are available in your choice of a black or silver finish, and all offer a rear panel subwoofer output as well as a front panel headphone output. They also provide dual stereo speaker outputs so you can connect two pairs of speakers, along with a comprehensive set of input connectors, including special phono terminals so you can easily connect a turntable and enjoy music from your vinyl record collection. There’s even a Pure Direct button that bypasses all tone control and loudness circuitry, allowing you to instantly hear the purest sound through the shortest signal path.

Let’s take a closer look at each model.

Good: R-N600A

Image of receiver.
Yamaha R-N600A.
Image of receiver.
R-N600A rear panel.

The Yamaha R-N600A is a traditional stereo Hi-Fi receiver with all the modern features described above. It offers 80 watts of output power per channel with a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, and provides five analog audio inputs and four digital audio inputs, including an optical connection so you can hear TV sound with Hi-Fi quality. A front panel USB port allows connection to a thumb drive, and its advanced construction design mounts all circuit boards to a composite resin base that is anti-resonant and isolated from the chassis to effectively remove any external mechanical vibration.

Better: R-N800A

Image of receiver.
Image of receiver.
R-N800A rear panel.

The R-N800A ups the ante with 100 watts of output power per channel and advanced features such as a front panel OLED digital display that shows the content being played, a rear panel preamplifier (PRE) output, specially designed anti-resonance feet that absorb and reduce mechanical vibration, and a detachable power cord. It incorporates the renowned SABRE ES9080Q 384 kHz / 32-bit Ultra DAC (from ESS Technology) to deliver superior sonic performance and accurately reproduce even the finest musical nuances and the subtle ambience of concert halls.

In addition, the R-N800 offers YPAO™ (Yamaha Parametric room Acoustic Optimizer) sound field correction. The goal of YPAO is to create an ideal listening environment right in your living room. This is accomplished by analyzing your room and automatically applying small amounts of precision EQ to match the two speakers to one another. The end result is tightly focused sound, with each sonic element occupying its own space in the sound field. You can even store individual YPAO settings for each set of connected speakers (A, B and A+B).

Best: R-N1000A

Image of receiver.
Image of receiver.
R-N1000A rear panel.

The R-N1000A incorporates all the features of the R-N800A, along with gold-plated speaker and input terminals, ensuring a high-quality connection that prevents signal loss. In addition, it utilizes extra-thick wires for the internal ground connections — a critical feature that establishes the componentry as being truly premium Hi-Fi, with increased signal-to-noise performance.

The R-N1000A also provides an HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) port, allowing connection to a TV with just a single cable, and with excellent hi-res sound quality. Like the R-N800A, there’s a rear panel USB connector with built-in DAC (digital-to-analog conversion) functionality. The internal ultra-precision dedicated crystal clock ensures signal accuracy, with support for DSD 11.2 MHz native playback and PCM 384 kHz playback, letting you take full advantage of the sonic precision unique to today’s high-resolution and lossless sound sources.

Audiophile Quality: R-N2000A

Image of receiver.
Image of receiver.
R-N2000A rear panel.

For the ultimate network Hi-Fi receiver, look to the flagship Yamaha R-N2000A, which incorporates all the features of the R-N1000A but utilizes the same patented floating and balanced amplifier design as our acclaimed A-S Series integrated and M5000 all-analog power amplifiers. It offers 90 watts of power per channel with an extraordinary frequency response of 5 Hz to 100 kHz and incorporates a toroidal transformer that delivers an overwhelmingly spacious sound filled with realism.

The mechanical ground concept utilized by the R-N2000A maximizes rigidity for expressive and rhythmic bass, and its ESS SABRE ES9026PRO Ultra DAC ensures ultimate high-performance conversion. The front panel features elegant level meters with softly illuminated LEDs that evoke the nostalgic era of Hi-Fi, and the rear panel offers speaker terminals that are cut from pure brass for highly secure connection, along with an Ethernet connection for high-speed data transfers. Listen to your favorite music through the R-N2000A and you may even discover a few details you never noticed before!

Whatever your budget, whatever your audio needs, there’s a Yamaha Network Hi-Fi receiver that’s right for you.


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