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Ace of Space: The SR-C30A Compact Sound Bar

Now you can enjoy great TV and gaming sound anywhere.

Everyone wants great sound, but not everyone has a lot of space for a great sound system.

Until now, that is. The new Yamaha SR-C30A compact sound bar allows anyone to enjoy clear, enveloping, full-range TV and gaming sound — with deep, rich bass — in even the smallest of spaces.

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View of a studio setup.

At only 23.6″ wide and 2″ tall, the SR-C30A is designed to fit just about anywhere — not just living rooms but bedrooms, dens, home offices and home gyms too. It’s perfect for use on desks, in gaming stations and with smaller screen-size TVs and computer monitors, or it can easily be wall-mounted, thanks to convenient keyholes on the rear panel.

The included wireless subwoofer is equally compact, with a width of just 6.3″ and a height of 13.3″. It can be positioned either vertically (on the floor, for example) or horizontally (say, on the shelf of an entertainment center), providing loads of placement options. And the provided adhesive feet mean that it won’t slip and slide, no matter how loud you crank up the bass!


View of modern living room with surround sound setup.

The SR-C30A goes beyond conventional speaker directivity to create a breathtaking sound field that seems to come from the center of the TV screen itself. It packs a powerful punch, too, with dual 1.8″ full-range drivers and 20 watts of power per channel. There’s support for Dolby® Digital and virtual 3D Surround Sound for cinema-like sonic immersion, as well as Yamaha Clear Voice technology for enhanced dialogue and narration clarity, plus a unique Adaptive Low Volume feature that automatically equalizes select high, mid, and low frequencies for optimal sound at low volumes — great for watching your favorite movies and TV shows late at night without disturbing others in the house.

In addition, built-in Compressed Music Enhancer technology utilizes advanced digital signal processing algorithms to enhance Bluetooth® audio listening, making the SR-C30A a great choice for music enjoyment. Last but not least, a Bass Extension function allows you to instantly add rich bass tonality without disturbing the balance of the overall sound.

Speaking of which, what’s an action movie or lifelike video game without powerful bass? The SR-C30A’s 50-watt wireless subwoofer has a 5.1″ driver that adds low-frequency rumble you can not just hear but feel, bringing every explosion and spaceship flyover to life.


Rear panel of surround sound controls.

The more devices you can connect to, the more useful the sound bar. The SR-C30A is loaded with multiple connectivity options, including an HDMI port with ARC (Audio Return Channel) — technology that allows audio to be sent through the same HDMI cable that carries the video signal. In addition, there are also not just one but two optical digital inputs, as well as an analog input, plus support for Bluetooth streaming so you can wirelessly listen to tunes from your device of choice, including Bluetooth-equipped TVs. Flexibility personified!


Closeup of a remote controlThanks to handy top panel controls and an included remote control, setup and operation is incredibly easy. Power your TV/monitor on and off, choose your input, turn on Clear Voice or Bass Extension, select your listening mode (see below), dim the LEDs and/or mute the sound, all at the touch of a button. In addition, you can independently set the volume of the main speakers and subwoofer without ever getting up from the comfort of your chair.

Prefer control from your smartphone or tablet? No problem. The free downloadable Yamaha Sound Bar Remote app, available for iOS and Android™ devices, allows you to do all this via Bluetooth.


Four sound modes are provided by the SR-C30A, allowing you to optimize the audio for your particular application. Two-channel STEREO mode is designed for music playback, while STANDARD mode is best suited for TV programs such as sports broadcasts, since it emphasizes human voices and creates a wide sound field. The proprietary 3D MOVIE mode (created especially for the SR-C30A) provides enveloping three-dimensional surround sound for the enjoyment of movies. There’s even a GAME mode designed for video games; it accurately reproduces the localization of individual sound effects for a highly immersive gaming experience.


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