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Spotlight on Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid Oak Drums

Awesome sound … custom look.

When an oak tree falls, its spirit must be honored. Yamaha has done just that by handcrafting an instrument that will be treasured for generations: the all-new Live Custom Hybrid Oak drum set.

Full drum kit with four cymbals, a tenor, two snares and a bass drum.

Everything about these groundbreaking drums is designed to enhance the dynamic range by accentuating attack and projection with incredible attention to detail. The shells incorporate a traditional Japanese uzukuri handcrafted finish, which creates a unique look that defines the expression of oak. They feature a dense phenolic sheet sandwiched between two sheets of oak ply, with thick steel hoops for a tighter sound and sharper response. The advanced Y.E.S.S. III tom mount further reduces acoustic dampening, allowing the shell to vibrate more freely, thus bringing out more of its natural sustain and volume. Weights are studded in the bass drum at the lug points to attenuate low-mid frequencies for a more focused sound. Even the floor tom bracket is special; it includes wing bolts and is designed to clamp tightly on the leg without damaging it — a feature that saves time onstage and delivers optimum decay control.

Check out this way-cool video that demonstrates the awesome sound — and look — of Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid Oak drums:


Click here to learn more about Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid Oak Drums.

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