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New Yamaha Brass and Woodwind Instruments for 2022

Precision craftsmanship assures superior tone, playability and durability.

2022 has seen the release of a number of new Yamaha brass and woodwind instruments. Here’s a look at just a few of them.


YTR-8335IIRKG-LN Xeno Trumpet

A golden trumpet.

Designed for musicians at any level, the YTR-8335IIRKG-LN limited edition B-flat trumpet is based on the acclaimed second-generation Xeno trumpet line. It offers several distinctive features, such as a proprietary cryogenic acoustic treatment that enhances the instrument’s ability to resonate, a durable clear lacquer finish, a medium-large 0.459″ bore and a reversed main tuning slide. In addition, thinner valve casing and pistons, along with the modified angle of the branch tube (the “knuckle”) result in improved response and provide the performer with an ideal blowing resistance.

Closeup of the exterior of a trumpet bell with engraving.

The new bell design of the YTR-8335IIRKG-LN contributes to optimum resistance for a powerful tonal core and accurate slotting, as well as enhancing playability in the upper register. The unique “Kangakki” (“wind instrument” in Japanese) engraving is a historical reference that reflects the balance between tradition and the instrument’s modern design and construction.


YOB-441IIT Series Intermediate Oboes

Designed for intermediate players, 441IIT Series oboes build upon the popular Yamaha 441 Series with additional keys and features designed to enhance performance, including a unique third octave key (the “T” in the name), which serves to stabilize both the articulation and the intonation in the third octave. In addition, the bell bore has been redesigned to improve the intonation of the middle range, with a low B-flat resonance key that improves the intonation of that low note and a low B-C# trill key. All models utilize all-cork pads for reduced pad noise and include a thumb rest with an included neck strap ring for improved playability and less stress on the player’s shoulder and neck.

The YOB-441IIT model utilizes Grenadilla wood for the body and bell for an exceptionally warm and pure sound, while the YOB-441IIAT has a body constructed from ABS plastic resin for enhanced portability and durability in all weather conditions, even in geographic regions with very low humidity. The YOB-441IIMT model features a Duet+ body — a proprietary Yamaha technology where the wooden inner bore and tone holes are coated with ABS resin to prevent moisture from soaking into the body even during changes in temperature and humidity, thus preserving the oboe’s sound and resonance. In addition, the 441IIT and 441IIMT models are constructed with metal tenon joints, making it easier to assemble the instrument.


Allegro Intermediate Oboe


The YOB-541MTAL oboe is the latest addition to the Yamaha line of Allegro band instruments and is the perfect partner for both aspiring and professional players. Whether you’re a chamber musician, wind ensemble member or multifacted doubler, this instrument was designed with all your needs in mind. It features an attractive and durable Duet+ body that ensures consistent sound and resonance even during swings in temperature and humidity.

The injection-molded inner bore of the Allegro oboe is designed to resist cracking and provide stability and tonal consistency. In addition, the upper joint body is drilled out slightly larger around the bore and tone holes. Other features include attractive gold-plated key posts, all-cork pads and a thin valve casing and pistons for improved response and ideal blowing resistance. There’s also a ring key, a banana key and a G#-A trill key, as well as a vertically adjustable thumb rest for ultimate comfort with or without a neck strap.

YCL-650II Clarinet


Like the original Yamaha YCL-650, the new YCL-650II B-flat clarinet is designed for those who are serious about their clarinet performance but need to watch their budget. The body is expertly crafted from responsive, high-quality Grenadilla wood for a hearty sound and impressive pitch accuracy, and the keys, ligature and mouthpiece cap are silver-plated for stunning visual appeal. A 17-key, 6-ring Boehm key system is utilized, with longer E/B levers and C#/G# keys that prevent your fingers from slipping, reducing the chances of fingering mistakes.

The YCL-650II 65mm barrel design produces a focused tone and quick response by optimizing airflow, with a resonance chamber that aids in projection and improves intonation in lower notes. An adjustable thumb rest with needle springs allow for faster key action and makes playing comfortable for hands of all sizes. Leather pads provide improved pad life, seal and overall tonal performance, while at the same time eliminating unwanted clicking noises. Because the surfaces of the pads don’t vibrate when the instrument is played, no spurious pad noise occurs and breath flows directly toward the bell for outstanding projection.

YCL-631II Professional Alto Clarinet

Clarinet with upturned silver bell.

Yamaha clarinets can be found in many of the world’s top orchestras. They feature accurate intonation and a rich resonant sound. The new YCL-631II is a handcrafted alto clarinet characterized by superb playability and a tone that is warm and full with powerful projection.

The two-piece body of the YCL-631II is made of select Grenadilla wood and the inner tenon sleeves are metal, which improves the seal and tonal resonance. It utilizes standard Boehm system fingering and offers 19 keys and 7 covered tone holes that are undercut by hand for precision, leading to consistent, uniform response throughout the instrument’s full range. The ligature, cap, mechanism and bell ring are all silver-plated, and the ball joint key connectors allow you to easily assemble the clarinet and reduces the chance of damage when doing so.

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