• Larry Mullen Jr. Reflects on the Beginnings of U2

    It was a casual remark from father to son that launched this legendary band.
  • Tower of Power Celebrates Their 50th Anniversary

    Half a century and still going strong.
  • Under the Lid: The Custom Pianos of J. Elliott and Co.

    This husband and wife team perform piano alchemy.
  • Pride Month Special: Breaking Barriers

    Three Yamaha artists discuss their LGBTQ+ identity and experience.

    Which Bass Are You?

    RBX, TRBX or BB: Which is your soulmate?

    Playing Well With Others

    There’s a world of difference between playing keyboards by yourself for enjoyment, and making music with other people. If you’re accompanying a singer or performing as part of a band, you’ll probably need to adapt your keyboard technique to some degree. In this installment of The Well-Rounded Keyboardist, we’ll take a closer look at some of those adjustments. Supporting A Vocalist The first rul…

    How to Prepare for a Virtual Piano Audition

    Tips for creating compelling videos of your performances.

    How to Transpose

    Especially when working with singers, you’ll need this important skill.

    A Quick Guide to Weighted Keys

    What are they, and why do you need them?

    How to Play Guitar and Sing at the Same Time

    Make the connection between single notes and the chord structures that support them.

    Tips for Playing Nylon-String Guitar

    Here’s how to get the most out of your instrument.

    Five Ways to Get From Noodling to Live Performance

    How to keep your wits (and heart) inspired as you practice.

    What is AURO-3D®? An In-Depth Exploration

    AURO-3D® is a three-dimensional audio technology that immerses the home theater listener in a hemisphere of sound. It uses virtual height channels (no in-ceiling speakers required) to achieve a tra…

    Secrets of Running a Record Store

    A deep dive into buying and selling vinyl.

    Everything You Need to Know about Lossless Audio and ALAC

    You don’t have to lose quality to reduce the size of audio files.

    Dedication to the Craft

    Tina Guo on staying true to her creative convictions.

    Going Electric

    Five reasons why today’s orchestral string instruments aren’t always acoustic.

    When Do You Need to Go to a Luthier?

    How to keep your string instrument healthy and sounding great.

    What Is a Fractional Size Violin?

    There is a violin that’s sized right for you.

    Five Benefits of Joining School Orchestra

    Give your child the opportunity of a lifetime.

    How to Prepare Your Child for School Orchestra

    Navigating the first journey into musicianship.

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