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Get Your Party Started with the MusicCast VINYL 500

Its Wi-Fi® capabilities make it the perfect guest.

Ever notice how a turntable quickly becomes the centerpiece of any party? Add a stack of vinyl records and you have an instant conversation starter. And if you ask your friends to bring their favorite albums, you’ve got a party activity that everyone will get in on.

The festivities will be even better if you choose the right turntable. Steeped in the Yamaha tradition of accuracy and sonic purity, the new, snowy white version of the MusicCast VINYL 500 is much more than a pretty turntable: It’s a pretty MusicCast turntable — and one of the first and only Wi-Fi® turntables.

You can use the VINYL 500 as a classic turntable with its built-in phono preamp and a set of wired speakers — no need for a stereo receiver. But thanks to Wi-Fi, that’s just the beginning of its capabilities. For example, you can share the music of every guest’s favorite album to wireless MusicCast speakers, receivers or sound bars in other rooms of your house … and you can stream your party playlists from popular streaming services too! With the free MusicCast Controller app, you can move from room to room, mingling with your friends while you control the music from your phone and share it with the rest of the house. (No, the app can’t flip the album for you. You still have to do that yourself.) You can even use Alexa and Google Assistant devices to voice control playback of music from streaming services through the VINYL 500, or ask Siri to control it via AirPlay 2.

The MusicCast VINYL 500 not only sounds great, it’s great looking too, so you’ll want to show it off … and since it’s wireless, you can put it anywhere in your home. Just add a pair of wireless MusicCast speakers for a powerful stereo system without clutter, giving you more room for that dance floor or game of Twister. Minimalists rejoice!

So share the MusicCast VINYL 500 with your friends at your next party, or gift it to them for the holidays, or any time of year.


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