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Back to School Instrument Guide

Inspirational and practical music products for students.

Is your child or grandchild ready to go back to school? Here are some great Yamaha musical instrument suggestions, whether it’s for a youngster joining their school band or orchestra for the first time, or for the burgeoning keyboardist, guitar player or drummer.

Wind Instruments

A girl playing flute.
Renting wind instruments is a popular option.

Many parents choose to rent wind instruments initially instead of purchasing them, giving them time to gauge their child’s interest before stepping up to ownership. The Yamaha Band Instruments for Music Students website provides parents who are ready to start thinking about renting a wind instrument with answers to the most commonly asked questions, like “Why rent? Where should I go? Can I purchase online? What are the names of the beginning instrument models?” Because Yamaha has been involved with schools for many decades, partnering with local experts and educators, we can help parents walk more confidently into a new musical journey for their child — a journey that hopefully spans many years.


A tablet and a trumpet, and an electronic box on a table.
SILENT Brass system.

As every parent of a budding trumpeter, trombonist, or tuba player knows, brass instruments can be loud. The Yamaha SILENT Brass™ system, with versions for all three instruments (plus French horn, flugelhorn and euphonium), provides the perfect solution. It consists of a mute fitted with a pickup microphone that connects to a small electronic “Personal Studio™” unit that clips onto the player’s belt — just plug in the included headphones and the student can practice to their heart’s content … without interrupting the peace and quiet of everyone else. That little box incorporates exclusive Brass Resonance Modeling technology that replicates the natural acoustic tone you hear when playing without a mute, making it feel as though you are playing mute-free. It can also be connected to a computer or smart device via the supplied USB cable, making it easy to record performances or take part in online lessons at home.

String Instruments

SILENT and Electric Violins

An electronic violin.
SILENT Violin.
An electric violin being bowed.
Electric violin.

For nearly 25 years, Yamaha SILENT™ and electric violins have become a staple of orchestra classrooms, rehearsal rooms, performance venues and everything in-between. Little wonder, in that they allow students and performers alike to rehearse and play anywhere … and to be heard above even loud accompanying instruments. They have a number of similarities, differing primarily in terms of functionalitySILENT Violins allow completely silent practice with headphones, or they can be plugged into an amplifier, whereas electric violins are specifically designed to be played amplified. Electric violins have more of a traditional sound, thanks to their all-wooden construction and passive in-bridge pickup, while SILENT Violins offer greater tonal and sonic variety, thanks to their advanced electronics that even includes a built-in reverb effect.


YPT-255AD Portable Keyboard

An electronic keyboard.

When playing is fun, you want to keep practicing. The more you practice, the more you improve. And the more you improve, the more you want to play. The PSR-E273AD offers hundreds of engaging sounds (“Voices”) and accompaniment Styles with sophisticated practical learning functions that inspire beginners to realize their potential and develop enthusiasm for learning and playing music, ensuring speedy progress. The built-in Quiz Mode, for example, helps develop your musical ear by playing notes and letting you choose the corresponding key to press, while three Lesson Modes teach you how to play complete songs. You can even capture your performances using the onboard song recorder and play them back to help you improve. The PSR-E273AD makes the whole learning experience fun!

An electronic mini-keyboard.
reface cs.
An electronic mini-keyboard.
reface DX.

reface synthesizers provide modern sound in an ultra-compact size that fits into any school bag. These mobile mini keyboards offers a big sound in a small package, with controls that are optimized for quickly creating custom tonalities, making them a great gift for young synthesizer enthusiasts everywhere. Each reface model adopts a different stylistic and sonic methodology instead of taking a “one size fits all” approach. The reface CS is a virtual analog synth with five unique oscillator types and extensive modulation controls plus a built-in looper, while the reface DX provides the ability to create and edit FM (Frequency Modulation) sounds, allowing the user to go from retro ’80s to cutting-edge modern at the flick of a switch.


Revstar Element

A yellow electric guitar.
Revstar RSE20.

Know a budding guitarist? Revstar Element guitars allow anyone to take their playing skills to new levels of creativity and performance.

Inspired by Japanese minimalism and stripped to the essentials, these distinctive guitars offer powerful tone, practical versatility and bold finishes to match the player’s sound and style. The RSE20 model is available in four café racer-inspired finishes and features a chambered body developed using Yamaha exclusive Acoustic Design process to enhance tone, reduce weight and ensure optimal balance.

Dual Alnico V humbucking pickups deliver a powerful sound with a warm midrange, while the push/pull Dry Switch high-pass filter built into the Tone knob provides brighter tones and tighter bass without the volume drop and added hum of conventional coil splits. There’s also a left-handed model, the RSE20L.

GigMaker Standard Guitar Package

A steel-string acoustic guitar with case, strap, tuner and picks.
GigMaker Standard package.

Yamaha also offers a variety of complete guitar packages. The Gigmaker Standard includes all the essentials you need to start playing immediately — a Yamaha F310 steel-string acoustic guitar, protective nylon gig bag, strap, digital clip-on tuner and a supply of picks.



An electronic drum kit.

Allow your budding drummer to give voice to their musical sensibilities with DTX402 Series electronic drum kits. Each comes with a full complement of drum and cymbal pads, along with bass drum and hi-hat pedals, and the included module comes loaded with hundreds of acoustic and electronic drum sounds, as well as 10 built-in training functions that make practicing fun. All DTX402 Series kits are compatible with the free Rec’n’Share app so drummers can play along to their favorite music and share their performance on social. Parents will also be happy to know that there’s a headphone jack enabling practice without any of the loud noise levels that come from acoustic drums.

An electronic drum kit.

Advanced DTX6 Series electronic drum kits are perfect for at-home practice as well as jamming with others … and without the loud volume levels that come from playing an acoustic drum set. There are three models to choose from, all with a compact design that allows them to be set up almost anywhere. All come with a DTX-PRO module loaded with hundreds of professionally sampled sounds and effects recorded in renowned studios around the world. A comprehensive series of built-in training tools enable drummers of every level to develop their skills, and with the use of the free Rec’n’Share app, players can even record and take videos of their performances and share them with friends and family.


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A woman playing saxophone and using a tablet.

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