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House of Worship Technology Videos, Part 4

How To Place and Use Microphones Correctly

Coaching your worshippers so they feel comfortable using mics.

Welcome to Part 4 of our series of videos about live sound in the House of Worship environment.


One of the biggest challenges for every worship team is that many of the people participating in the service are not professional performers and therefore don’t have much experience using microphones. In this video, Yamaha product manager John Schauer shares tips for coaching inexperienced worshippers so they feel comfortable handling and using microphones, demonstrating two simple methods for correctly positioning handheld mics and describing multi-microphone placement techniques for capturing the sound of choirs. Also included is an explanation of the all-important “3 to 1” rule that dictates optimum placement when using more than one microphone on vocal ensembles, drums or piano.

Coming next month: Optimizing Your Monitor Mix and Avoiding Feedback

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