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Optimizing Your Monitor Mix and Avoiding Feedback

How to create a monitor mix that will please your performers as well as your worshippers.

When it comes to monitor mixing in a House of Worship environment, the rule to live by is: Less is more. The quieter the onstage sound is and the better the performers can hear themselves, the better the main (“Front of House”) mix will be for your worshippers. In this video, Yamaha product manager John Schauer provides tips and techniques for using the two different types of monitors: classic onstage “wedge” monitors and in-ear monitors worn by each band member individually, where no sound is produced that can be picked up by any of the onstage microphones — hence, no feedback. He also covers positioning speakers and amplifiers as well as dealing with the loud sound levels that come from acoustic drums, along with the importance of setting input gains and crafting an overall Front of House mix before creating a monitor mix.

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