Prolific drummer Gorden Campbell featured in Yamaha's award-winning mag, All Access. Why does he dig Yamaha drums?
Don't let the contest name fool you. Drum entries, due May 15, will be judged by top drummers, incl. Yamaha Artists:
RT @shawndrover Live in #LasVegas with my new @YamahaDrums kit. They sound AMAZING
this makes us happy :) RT @WtchMgr_Preston @drumshop PHX on my Hex R2. Total quality...
whoa! maple, birch, beech, phx?!? in beautiful blues!! #impressive RT @tmocookson @WtchMgr_Preston #quality
Here's @bobknight1's setup, who starts the Elvis "On Stage" tour in London: "Kit sounds so good!" Ahh, #ClubCustom!
such a great set-up, mauricio!! love what you've done with the #hexrack!! RT @Mauricio7
RT @RobertoCerletti: Kodak Theatre! Great night of music at this iconic venue w/ @anabarbaramusic @YamahaDrums @vicfirth @meinlcymbals http…
RT @stixthedrummer: Great hang @YamahaDrums today, great things coming up. Stay Tune #DTXDrums #YamahaDrums
RT @shawndrover: My second @YamahaDrums kit is being sent to #LasVegas for the show next week. I can't wait to play it!!!!…
RT @99th_Monkey: What can I say... I've always had a thing for Asians. @YamahaDrums
congrats, she's a beauty! :) RT @WtchMgr_Preston that #PHX somehow managed to follow us home. Great service @drumshop
The Future of Drumming w/ Yamaha DTX & @GCampEnt on Thurs, May 15 @ 12PM PST | presented by @guitarcenter >> SIGN UP!
Today is the final day to enter. Get your extra entries in; share this sweepstakes with your friends. #mgmixermadness
FINAL week of Yamaha's #MGMixerMadness sweepstakes. The songwriter's package is really special, even for drummers:
Happy Spring all you drummers! This sweet kit is a sure way to develop some tasty licks.
Rugged, reliable mixers are great tools for bands and musicians. Win a new MG mixer (or songwriter package):
What were Yamaha's HexRack designers thinking when they devised a rack w/limitless possibilities? They tell all here:
#YamahaDTX artist/perc #RichieBravo's @juanes setup @ TIGO Live Sessions 4 So America... his #DTXM12 multi-pad ready!