RT @shawndrover Live in #LasVegas with my new @YamahaDrums kit. They sound AMAZING http://t.co/ZDHCzgIxAv
this makes us happy :) RT @WtchMgr_Preston @drumshop PHX on my Hex R2. Total quality... http://t.co/rEklt0fHLO
whoa! maple, birch, beech, phx?!? in beautiful blues!! #impressive RT @tmocookson @WtchMgr_Preston #quality http://t.co/wRs02L4pTi
Here's @bobknight1's setup, who starts the Elvis "On Stage" tour in London: "Kit sounds so good!" Ahh, #ClubCustom! http://t.co/2dhiGyiIpl
such a great set-up, mauricio!! love what you've done with the #hexrack!! RT @Mauricio7 http://t.co/ClbASZsgYf
RT @RobertoCerletti: Kodak Theatre! Great night of music at this iconic venue w/ @anabarbaramusic @YamahaDrums @vicfirth @meinlcymbals http…
RT @stixthedrummer: Great hang @YamahaDrums today, great things coming up. Stay Tune #DTXDrums #YamahaDrums http://t.co/BIybToKpAN
RT @shawndrover: My second @YamahaDrums kit is being sent to #LasVegas for the show next week. I can't wait to play it!!!! http://t.co/420h…
RT @99th_Monkey: What can I say... I've always had a thing for Asians. @YamahaDrums http://t.co/acflw0cDOT
congrats, she's a beauty! :) RT @WtchMgr_Preston that #PHX somehow managed to follow us home. Great service http://t.co/dp4eXQp1za @drumshop
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FINAL week of Yamaha's #MGMixerMadness sweepstakes. The songwriter's package is really special, even for drummers: http://t.co/sBa54INJNc
Happy Spring all you drummers! This sweet kit is a sure way to develop some tasty licks. http://t.co/vzFKd187MB
What were Yamaha's HexRack designers thinking when they devised a rack w/limitless possibilities? They tell all here: http://t.co/himsKkkx9i
Rugged, reliable mixers are great tools for bands and musicians. Win a new MG mixer (or songwriter package): http://t.co/sBa54INJNc
#YamahaDTX artist/perc #RichieBravo's @juanes setup @ TIGO Live Sessions 4 So America... his #DTXM12 multi-pad ready! http://t.co/705l4brlaU
love a tech that really gets into it! RT @PacificaEnt The most amazing drum tech... positions a Beta52 like no other http://t.co/S4HKvyoOfR
RT @HASSBEAT: @yamahadrums has the best tour support/artist relations in the business. Playing these beauties… http://t.co/UgnkX2PNyW
creative, indeed! RT @steveweissperc Getting creative with @YamahaDrums to play Paul Lansky's 'Threads' http://t.co/o4rLt1OB4y